Replacing Wishbones

May 14, 2003
I ordered a replacement early style above axle wishbone along with an accessory below axle wishbone from Model T Haven a couple of weeks ago. They arrived within a few days. I've sanded them and painted them black. I've included a few photos of the original wishbones that I have removed. And, you can see the breaks in the close-up's.

After much difficulty due to inexperience, I did replace the above axle wishbone using new studs, springs, nuts, and safety wire from Smith & Jones for the ball cup. It was late, and I was tired when finished. So, no pics today. However, I'll get more posted soon.

Next...the accessory!

broken wishbone
repair w/ weld & pipe
broken accessory
repair w/ brads

Installing Accessory Wishbone
Checking Drums & Rear Wheel

May 22, 2003

A few days ago I finished installing the accessory below axle wishbone. It had to be adjusted some to fit, but went into place nicely. It connected to the above axle wishbone with plates fitting both above and below the wishbone. Two bolts hold it into place.

I also, with the help of my wife, checked the drums for any cracks and scoring. I jacked the rear wheels up and off of the ground. I cranked the engine over turning the drums while my wife inspected them. She then wanted to try cranking. I inspected the drums. You know, I really didn't think that she could do it. She did! I will remember to be more respectful towards her. I may have over estimated my advantage! At any rate, the drums looked very good. No obvious cracks or scoring.

I did notice six bolt heads with copper wire run between pairs of them. I assume this is to aid in keeping them from backing out. One pair is missing the wire. And, I assume this is from where I found the piece of twisted wire on April 2nd. I hope the rest of it found its way out of the tranny previously. I'll also try to inquire as to what they are properly called and their purpose. You can tell I'm green, can't you?

I've also included a couple of pics of the rear wheel with the gap. That really concerns me, but no time for it now. Later...

Ah! Went back through my diagrams. The bolt heads with the wire are the Driving Plate Screws and the Driving Plate Screw Lock Wire. So I have a missing Driving Plate Screw Lock Wire. Good to know!

wish1.JPG wish2.JPG wish3.JPG wish4.JPG
wish5.JPG wish6.JPG wish7.JPG wish8.JPG