Cleaning Rust in the Block & Radiator
And Lapping the Valves

October 22, 2003

Back in the spring, I drove the T around town for our "Old Timer's Day" celebration. It ran a little hot. I decided to pull the head and check the block. It had alot of rust in it causing poor water circulation. The last couple of weeks I've been cleaning the rust out as I had time. The head itself was clear, but the block passages had alot of rust. I poured white vinegar into the block and let it set for a few days, then flushed it with water. Worked rather well.

I decided to lap the valves while I was into it. They were in need of it. A couple of them look as if they might be leaking some. I have just started the job with only one completed as of today's date.

I was reading on the MTFCI site that toilet boil cleaner was sometimes used to clean radiators. I laid the radiator flat and poured in the cleaner. I then added hot water and let it set for the afternoon. It did a good job.

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