Rear View Mirror, Wiper, Steering Column
Water Pump, Tail Light, & Storage Compartment

June/July 2003
These past few weeks have been busy ones! I've found a few hours after work and on weekends to tear apart, clean, oil and/or grease, then put back together various parts. Lots of fun!

I began one afternoon when time was a little short, by taking apart the wiper components as well as the rear view mirror. The screws were somewhat stubborn as they were rusty. Some surface rust was present too. I gave them a new coat of paint and oiled them a little. They needed a little maintenance as some washers were the wrong size, etc. Those such things.

Over a week's time after work, I removed the steering column. Took it apart and cleaned everything. It's amazing how much "gunk" accumulates over the years. Of course that "gunk" also helps to protect it too. Anyway, the gears where not worn excessively. I gave them some new grease, a few shots of oil in strategic places. And everything was turning with much more ease. The levers showed a great improvement.

It took me the better part of an entire afternoon to stubbornly remove the waterpump. Those bolts are not easy to remove when one has been rounded off! Everything looked servicable, but worn. This old pump has been used alot. The hole where the rod goes through nearest the pulley is very worn. The pump operates well for the design and doesn't leak after repacking. Cleaned-up well.

One Saturday, my son, Zachary, and I removed the tail light and painted it after cleaning it up. The side glass was missing. We replaced it with clear plastic.

The storage compartment had a rust hole in it. So, we put in a new plywood bottom and painted it. Looks pretty good.

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