Cleaning Oil Line

July 25, 2003
This week I decided to take a big step and check the oil line. I very sheepishly removed the radiator, and then the fan assembly. Then, I removed the cover and prepared to remove the lock nut and large timing gear. Well, the lock nut wouldn't budge. Stuck. In a BIG WAY. It finally gave with ALOT of patience and the right tool. A regular wrench just won't get into that recess.

The oil line was clean and oil flow was good. I then re-assembled everthing in reverse order.

I plan to check the timing and such when I start her up over the weekend.

timer1.jpg timer2.jpg timer3.jpg
timer4.jpg timer5.jpg timer6.jpg

timer7.jpg timer8.jpg timer9.jpg timer10.jpg timer11.jpg timer12.jpg timer13.jpg timer14.jpg
timer15.jpg timer16.jpg timer17.jpg timer18.jpg timer19.jpg timer20.jpg timer21.jpg timer22.jpg
timer23.jpg timer24.jpg


Timing Gear

May 22, 2004

With little success starting my T, I decided to pull the cover and check the timing gears. I had pulled the large timing gear last summer while cleaning the oil line. As I thought, I had hurriedly re-installed the gear incorrectly, throwing off the timing.

There is an 0 stamped on the large timing gear which meshes with the gear on the crank shaft. On the small gear what appears to be Ford 2 is stamped.