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In early 2003, I purchased a 1918 Ford Model T Touring car. I located the car near Tulsa, Oklahoma by placing an inquiry on the web. It ran, drove, and appeared to be in good condition. I will attempt to record my journey into learning about this wonderful invention of Henry Ford on the following pages.

The First Day

April 2, 2003
I opened the plate on the transmission. Drums appeared to be sound. No obvious scoring or cracks. The bands appeared not to be thin. However, they did appear to be a little on the ragged side around the edges. The end of the band closest to the engine actually had a small piece missing. And it had a little sticking out from the other end further than it should have been compared to the others. This may be normal, but I have no knowledge/experience to compare to. I did find the missing piece of the band along with two small pieces of copper wire twisted together laying just to the left of the spring of the middle band.

Dropped the inspection pan under the engine. Everything appeared to be clean. Although the glare in the picture makes it appear gunky. Bearings appeared to be good. No up & down play in the rods. Some side to side play in the rods. But I would think that that is normal. While under there I noticed that the wish bone is broken and a pipe slipped over it.

What is going on with the gap to the right of the brake drum on the rear? Included a couple of shots of the 3 cracked spokes in the 2 wheels. However, all spokes fit snuggly and appear to be overall sound wheels. Also placed some shots of the car, steering column and firewall. The head gasket is leaking in a couple of spots. All gaskets will probably need replacing. Some kind of orange sealer was used to stop leaks around intake.

I also have the correct set of top bows and a new top awaiting installation.

Enough for today.

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1918 Ford Model T Touring

graphics/tmodel1.JPG graphics/tmodel2.JPG
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Bringing Her Home!

We met the seller in Little Rock, AR and headed for home the next day. We had a great view of the Pyramid while crossing the Mississippi River in Memphis. My son, Zachary, was so excited when we arrived home that he had to demonstrate his spider climbing abilities. If only I were 100 lbs. lighter!

tmodtrip1.jpg tmodtrip2.jpg tmodtrip3.jpg spiderzach.jpg