1918 Ford Model T Touring Car

May 28, 2003
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Fall 2004
February 18, 2005
last photo at our home
sold to Mike Perigo, Linton, Indiana
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September 2005 - eBay Motors for sale
Mike Perigo, Linton, Indiana selling
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This is a 1918 Model T Touring that is a great driver and a lot of fun. It is not a show car. It is complete and in excellent running condition. The paint was done by an amateur and although it looks good from about 10 feet, he painted over the usual dents and dings. There was no rust through and no body work. The upholstery has been redone, but is older and is not perfect. The top is brand new and was recently installed. It has new floorboards and new floor mats. All doors close nicely; the car is solid. The tires are excellent. The wheels are very nice except the passenger side front has a lengthways crack, but the wheel does not creak and runs very solid. The car has been completely rewired and has a strong mag. The coils were rebuilt by Ron Patterson - the Coilman. The bands are kevlar and engage easily and smoothly - as smoothly as any Model T. The radiator is an original honeycomb and does not leak; the car does not overheat. It has a new exhaust system. The battery box on the running board has a 12 volt battery for lighting that is charged by the mag using a Bittner engineering rectifier/regulator. The car has a new Anderson "flapper" timer. This car starts very easily by crank every time. It has never left me stranded. This is just a very nice presentable T that could be restored to like new or enjoyed for many years the way it is.

February 2006
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