1-1/2 hp Rockford & Emerson-Brantingham

Photo to right is from C.H. Wendel's "American Gasoline Engines Since 1872".

This 1-1/2 HP Emerson-Brantingham was owned by Chris Burns when the photo was taken in 1976.
This photo is borrowed from Ted Brookover's website.

This 1-1/2 HP EB was purchased by Rob Timms at the Blue Mound, IL auction on May 5, 2001. It is serial # 5167. Nice engine, Rob!

This was the condition of my grandfather's 1-1/2 HP Rockford shortly after I brought it to my house for restoration.

During restoration.

This is my grandfather's 1-1/2 HP Rockford engine after restoration. It's serial # 4903.

A few current pictures

The Rockford is sitting on an original Emerson-Brantingham truck.
I use the Rockford to power a Meyers Water Pump & a drill press.