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Updated December 1, 2012


Lawrence Sutherland of Anderson, South Carolina is the owner of this Rockford Engine.
This engine is serial # 4036, 8 hp, manufactured by Rockford Engine Works of Rockford, Illionois.

Mark Wigmore of Elk River, Minnesota owns a 4 hp, side-shaft, hopper-cooled Rockford Engine Works engine much like the Emerson-Brantingham model shown here. Mark's engine is serial # 4628 and is the color of Mr. Sutherland's Rockford above.

Mark also tells me that another 8 hp Rockford is located in Minnesota, and yet another located in Wisconsin.

Ron Long of Rockford, Illinois owns a 1908 3hp Rockford, serial # 2301, hopper cooled with rocker arm, on an original Rockford truck (not pictured).
He tells me that his engine is a dark, dark green. And, the truck is red with yellow lettering spelling "Rockford Engine Works".

Ron tells me that two other 3 hp Rockford's exist. One at Woodstock, Illinois, and the other is somewhere in the South.

Note: A 3 hp Rockford push rod engine on trucks is owned by Michael Evans of Greenville, IL as of March 2003.
And, Steve Barr knows of 2 other 3 hp Rockford's. One near the Quad Cities in IL. The other in eastern Iowa.

Elmer Sega of Shelton, Conneticutt owns a Rockford 8hp screen-cooled portable with serial # 2788.
The engine is unrestored and runs great. I'm told that it sounds "just like an old dog panting". Good job!
The engine was sold by Eastern Sales Agent, Monarch Machinery Co., New York, NY, USA.

This 5hp Rockford side-shaft is hopper cooled. Sits on full base and runs "like a swiss clock".
It was owned by Bart C. Cushing of New Hampshire at the time of this picture. The engine's serial # is 4643.

This 3 hp Independent Harvester engine serial # 4030 belongs to Steve Barr of Plano, Illinois.
It was made by Rockford Engine Works and retagged. Steve also has a 4 hp serial # 3381 Independent Harvester.
Steve Ford of Lancaster, Ohio owns a Rockford 4 hp serial # 3257. The two engines are almost identical.

This Independent Harvester engine cart sold recently on eBay.
Steve Barr purchased it and plans to use it for the 3 hp engine above.
Dimensions are: rear wheels 16", front wheels 12", beams 14" apart and 48" in length.

This is Steve Barr's 4 hp Independent Harvester mentioned above. It is serial # 3381.

Shown at the Sandwich Early Day Engine Show at Sandwich, IL 2003

This is the 5 hp Rockford serial # 4643 that was previously owned by Bart Cushing and pictured above.
It is now owned by Mike Paich of Milan, Michigan. Mike has given it a restoration & new clothes!

This is a tank cooled 6 hp Rockford. The serial # is 1712.
It was shown at the Northern Illinois Steam Power Club 2002 show located at Sycamore, IL.
The current owner wasn't identified. However, the previous owner was Mick Ingram.
These photos are a courtesy of Steve Barr. His engines can be found at Steve's Engine Shanty.

This is Steve Ford's 4 hp Rockford mentioned above. It's serial # 3257.

This is a 7 hp Emerson Brantingham side-shaft engine that recently sold on e-Bay.
It is engine serial # 5432. It sold for $8,500.

ebayem1.jpg ebayem2.jpg ebayem3.jpg ebayem4.jpg ebayem5.jpg ebayem6.jpg

Emerson Brantingham at the SIAM Show in Evansville, IN 2003
Photo from Steve Barr's Engine Shanty