1910 Monarch Machinery Company Catalog

These are pages from Monarch Machinery Company's 1910 Catalog, their 13th catalog.

Monarch Machinery was manufactured at York, Pennsylvania in the "extensive and modernly equipped plant of A.B. Farquhar Co., Ltd., covering several acres, employing over 600 men, being without question the largest plant in the United States manufacturing Hydraulic Presses."

"The Monarch Machinery Co., and its President have been directly connected with the Farquhar Co. for twenty years, having charge of the Sales Department in the New York City Office in the Farquhar line of Boilers, Engines and Saw Mills, as well as Hydraulic Press Department since its organization."

The Monarch Machinery Co. also represented The Rockford Engine Works of Rockford, Ill.

Testimonials are below.

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Monarch Machinery Co., New York City
Gentlemen:- I successfully operated your Monarch Cider Press with your Rockford 8 H.P. gasoline engine part of last season. I find the press the most efficient and easiest operated and cared for of any in the cider making line, making more and better cider and always on the job. The engine is a complete piece of mechanism, smooth running and even speed and no limit to power. I sawed 35 cords of four foot wood in 10 hours this spring with the engine. I earnestly recommend these machines to any man or firm.
Your truly,
M.G. Hatstat, Union St., Leominster, Mass.

Monarch Machinery Co., New York City
Gentlemen:- Your record will show that I bought a Hydraulic Cider Press from you through your salesman, Mr. C.S. Deppen, and this press has given entire satisfaction in all respects. I have run her for 2 seasons and didn't have a penny's worth of repairs to this date. I earned over $300 with the press last year, making cider at $.01 per gallon and the apple crop was poor. If I can advise any party wanting a cider press I should advise them to get a Monarch Hydraulic Press, as they do as they are recommended. I have no trouble with mine and I must say that the Monarch Machinery Co. has used me as gentlemen in all my dealings and I have also bought a Center Crank Ajax steam engine a few months ago from you, which I highly recommend. She has given good satisfaction so far.
Yours very respectfully,
J.H. Rockel, Justice of the Peace, Pond Hill, Luzerne Co., Pa.

Monarch Machinery Co., New York City
Gentlemen:- We bought a Gasoline Engine of you in the year of 1905. We have done our threshing and cutting stalks and it gives us good satisfaction. We could not think of threshing any more without the Gasoline Engine. We have a one horse power Keystone Separator and run a hundred bushels of oats through in an hour and the horses stood in the stable laughing for the oats.
Yours truly,
Daniel Kahler, Nescopeck, Pa.

Monarch Machinery Co., New York City
Gentlemen:- The 12 H.P. Portable Engine I bought from you gives perfect satisfaction. I run a French Burr Chopper and Crusher and can chop from 12 to 15 bushels of grain an hour. I also cut my fodder and have four silos and intend to fill them with my Engine. I intend to to get a Separator and want to do my own threshing, and it gives me all the power I want, and I do not think the gasoline costs any more than the coal would to run a Steam Engine, and I take it right in my barn and think it perfectly safe. I would not like to do without the Engine, and would therefore recommend it to any one in need of power.
Yours very truly,
W.J. Glessner, Somerset, Pa.