Updated January 28, 2014

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Harry's Old Engine Homepage - Just a good all around site!!

Buying or's the place!

The ATIS Classified Advertising System - Internet Auctioneers
Zimmerman Oliver-Cletrac Tractors & Parts - New & Used Tractors
Don't forget to try eBay too!

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Smokstak - Bulletin Board
Yesterday's Tractors - Stationary Engine Bulletin Board

Here are some links that I've found useful: - Member Technical Items Index
Harry 's Old Gas & Steam Engines - Old Engine Magnetos & Ignition Systems
Bill's Antique Gas Engine - Fuel Systems
Bill's Antique Gas Engine - Engine Governors
Bill's Antique Gas Engine - Pistons, Rings and Cylinders
Roll your own Low Tension Coil - Rusty Iron Workshop
Dave Rotigel's Tips - Rust removal, Trailer building,
How to build a magnet charger, & How to unstick a piston

Bill's Antique Gas Engine - Bill's Electrolysis Page
Chuck's Hit n Miss Gasolene Engines - The Bozzcoil
EDGETA Technical Data Pages

Need Parts?

Ignitors Homepage - Need an ignitor? Here's your man.
Bill Lopoulos - Magneto parts, Oilers, Grease Cups, etc.
Essex Brass - oilers, brass drain cocks, and much more.
Hit N Miss Enterprises
Starbolt Engine Supplies
John R. Brillman - Spark Plug, Wire, & Ignition Needs
Lee W. Pedersen - Products for reconditioning & operating antique gas & steam engines
Otto Gas Engine Works - Piston Rings

I've made a few new friends. Visit their websites.
Duncan & Sandy's Carrot Patch
John R. Brantingham's Emerson-Brantingham Homepage
Jimmy Priestley's Majestic Home Page

Antique Engine Shows & Clubs

SmokStak Show Calendar