Gedcom Files

Note: I update the Gedcom File often. I try to update the others monthly. - Kevin

I found the below note on a fellow genealogist's website. I thought it prudent to include it here as well.

"Caution - All that genealogists can do with the meagre public records of past ages is put the most reasonable construction they can on the "facts" before them. We know that the public record is sometimes wrong or misleading and we know that we might not yet have found all the records that could be relevant. We also know that oft repeated family "traditions" can sometimes be wrong as well. So these genealogies are presented as an honest attempt to reconstruct the families of the past from the records and other information at our disposal. Our conclusions may be incorrect and we apologise if you find them so. We try to show the evidence we have used and to highlight assumptions when we have made them, but space and time prevents us from recording exactly how we reached our conclusions in every case. But be assured that every conclusion and every assumption was reached after careful consideration of the alternatives.

We particularly welcome any corrections or additions to our work as well as any further support to our conclusions or pointers to records that we have not yet found that would improve the accuracy of our work. Please send them, preferably with references to the public record or other personal evidence, to ."